Jaded Records

Tunes for organic life. Cooperatively produced. Follow our releases here.

Currently Looking For:

Black/African American (generational roots in North America) vocalists, instrumentalists, producers, and/or composers (church background preferred).
Indigenous vocalists, instrumentalists, producers, and/or composers.
Japanese and/or Japanese American vocalists, instrumentalists, producers, and/or composers.
• Orchestral and/or electronic composers, and songwriters of any ethnic/racial background.
• Creative directors and graphic designers with proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and more.
• Marketing and promotion specialists (comms experience and/or background preferred).

Notes on Outreach:

• Artists based in NYC or the tri-state area are preferred.
• Artists of any gender and/or sexual orientation are accepted.
• Those involved with Jaded Records do not operate on purely transactional terms — we are interested in building relationships and trust with one another as humans first, and letting that inform how we create and build together.
• Those involved with Jaded Records are trying to cooperate with one another in order to make a comfortable living off of music (no need for excess). For us, this requires more of a collective mindset, trust, and focus that places emphasis on how we can support one another in bringing in the resources necessary for all to thrive, while also shifting culture through music. This also means we operate off of a cooperative "business" model (please see THE STRUCTURE section of our About page for more on this).
• Please provide a brief bio and some examples of your work if reaching out. You DO NOT need to have "buzz" or "numbers" in order to send us some of your work; we are fully aware that some of the best music being made right now is flying completely under the radar due to saturation and a lack of infrastructure for both artist development and promotion/marketing. Together (and cooperatively), this is precisely what we aim to address.